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Odinot & Associés is a business law firm that has been working with, and advising, businesses and executives for thirty-five years.

Our expertise in many industries and business areas make us a preferred partner for businesses.


At Odinot & Associés, we are close to our clients and offer them concrete and efficient legal solutions tailored to their goals, constraints and concerns.

The counsel-client relationship and our commitment make up the DNA of Odinot & Associés’s teams.


Odinot & Associés’s diverse fields of expertise make us a preferred partner in realizing opportunities, controlling risks and safeguarding a business’s tangible and intangible assets.

ODINOT & Associés entered into a cooperation agreement with New York based law firm HODGSON RUSS LLP. This combination will allow both firms to provide comprehensive legal services for corporations competing in the US and European markets. Together we will be able to provide our clients with a high quality, comprehensive offer on a local and global level.


As true specialists in business issues, our team members are trusted and recognized experts in their respective fields of practice.

Photo of the practice team Odinot et Associés
Photo of Gabrielle Odinot

Gabrielle Odinot,

    Main fields of practice:
  • International growth transactions
  • Intellectual property law
Photo of Christine Lussault

Christine Lussault

    Main fields of practice:
  • Merger & acquisitions / Company law
  • Employment law / Contractual technique
Photo of Anne-Charlotte Passelac

Anne-Charlotte Passelac

    Main fields of practice:
  • Employment law / Social restructuring
  • Commercial litigation
Photo of Anne-Laure Lavergne

Anne-Laure Lavergne

    Main fields of practice:
  • Trade law
  • Real estate law
Photo of Anthony LACOUDRE


    Main fields of practice:
  • Business taxation
  • Individuals taxation
Photo of Anne-Sophie Coulon

Anne-Sophie Coulon

    Main fields of practice:
  • Intellectual property law / NICTs
  • Antitrust / competition law
Photo of Clémentine FAGES

Clémentine FAGES

    Main fields of practice:
  • Employment law
  • Trade law
Photo of Elodie PINET

Elodie PINET

    Main fields of practice:
  • Merger & acquisitions / Company law
  • Business and individuals taxation



ODINOT&Associés is proud to present the works of New York artist SONYA SKLAROFF.

To stop and study a painting by Sonya Sklaroff is to be taught a lesson in the language of light, and as a result, to begin to feel the physical world more fully, and to become more awake and alive. This representational painter’s focus may move from the rural landscape to the cityscape to depictions of interior rooms, but in all of her oil-on-board works, the effect of light remains her subject matter, her obsession, and her quest. Sonya Sklaroff creates paintings of New York with vitality and unnerving force... painting that inspire and surprise...paintings that alter our perception in subtle and lasting ways

  • SONYA SKLAROFF - East Village Sunset - 51 x 41 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Green Dress in Soho - 51 x 41 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Lit Windows, Water Tower & Red Sky - 51 x 51 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - morris house - 90 x121 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Noho Water Towers and Fire Escapes at Dusk -61 x 61 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Papaya Dog &  French Fries - 76 x 91
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Red Umbrella in the Snow  - 61 x 61 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Royal Class Barber Shop - 51 x 41 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Spring Shower in Soho - 91 x 61

Exhibition SARAH SNOW

Odinot & Associés, long a supporter of the arts, is proud to present the paintings of New York artist Sarah Snow, whose works are held in collections, both private and public, around the world. The exhibition will open beginning June 15, 2016.

  • SARAH SNOW - After-the-party
  • SARAH SNOW - fountain
  • SARAH SNOW - into-the-fores
  • SARAH SNOW - Scuba
  • SARAH SNOW - sea-spray
  • SARAH SNOW - the-plunge
  • SARAH SNOW - the-waterfall
  • SARAH SNOW - tornado
  • SARAH SNOW - train bridge
  • SARAH SNOW - tunnel


Photo of Anthony-LACOUDRE

ODINOT & Associés is pleased to announce that Anthony LACOUDRE has recently joined the firm to lead its Tax Department. Anthony has been practicing Tax Law both in France and abroad for more than 20 years. He has been helping medium sized companies as well as French multi-national corporations to deal with their French, European and International Tax issues.

He started his career in 1993 working at the Prague office of the law firm Jeantet & Associés, assisting large corporations investing in Central Europe. In 1997, he joined the International Tax department of Ernst & Young HSD, Avocats (law firm) in Paris. in 2004, he was assigned to New York to join Ernst & Young LLP's French Tax Desk.

In 2005, Anthony started working for Deloitte Tax LLP's French Tax Desk in New York where he practiced French and International Tax until 2010. At that time, Anthony joined the audit firm Mazars where he lead the French Tax practice in Mazars' NY office. During that time, Anthony would work with both US clients operating in Europe and with French clients investing in North America to help them define and implement their relevant international tax strategies.

Anthony has published in France and abroad a number of articles about French, EU and International Tax Law. He teaches International Tax Law at the Paris-Dauphine University of Economics and regularly gives lectures at various French Business Schools.

By leading ODINOT & ASSOCIES' Tax Department, Anthony will assist the firm's clients to deal with their complex tax issues by providing both Companies and Executives with a premier expertise.


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